Resource's allocation showing higher or lower than expected

Here are the most common problems to troubleshoot:

Resource is Part-Time

  • Go to to Resources Tab
  • Navigate to a grid view
  • If the "Schedule" column shows resource is part-time, that might explain higher-than-expected utilization

Workday Length

  • Go to to Account Settings > Features
  • Confirm if the workday duration if higher or lower than expected. Higher than expected will make forecasts seem lower than expected, and vice versa for lower than expected.

Tasks Not Accounted For

Have you account for all resource assignments:  project-level, milestone-level and to-do-level? The best way to determine this is by going to the resource's "Resource 360 > Work Items" and set view to "Incomplete" and filter blank.

Project Status + Health Excludes Resource Forecasting

Confirm if the project status + health is configured to exclude resource assignments from resource forecasting calculations and the Resource 360 page. Learn more.

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