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Custom Notification "Trigger" Emails

Custom Notification "Trigger" Emails

Users can receive email notifications for all types of custom events or triggers, including non-Roadmap users. Examples include:

  • New project is created
  • Project Health changes, or changes to something specific (e.g. "Critical")
  • Selection type project attribute changes, or changes to something specific
  • Yes / no type project attribute changes
  • To-do or roadblock is marked as complete
  • Date type project attribute changes
  • Resource has an upcoming Team Calendar event (i.e. out of the office)
  • Use interested parties & custom notifications to keep non-Roadmap users updated

Creating Custom Notification Emails

  • You must be an admin
  • Go to Notifications > Custom Notifications and enable for your account
  • Create a new notification
  • Select a trigger
  • Set the delivery timeframe (for the alert)
  • Add recipients
  • Give the notification a name

Interested Parties & Custom Notifications

Use interested parties to send targeted project updates to non-Roadmap users:

Task Assignment Emails

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