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JIRA Add-On is Installed, Now What?

After installing the add-on, JIRA and Roadmap need to be configured to communicate securely. Don't have one Roadmap account yet? Create a free trial.

Important: Roadmap only supports Atlassian-hosted (SaaS) versions of JIRA at this time.

Tips-and-tricks for following along the tutorial below:

  • Open JIRA > Administration > Add-Ons > Application Links and Roadmap Connecting Applications > JIRA in two different browser windows
  • Copy-and-paste Consumer Key:
  • Copy-and-paste Public Key:
    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
    -----END PUBLIC KEY-----
  • Your JIRA base URL:
  • Video tutorial:
    Important, if you don't see Project Settings in JIRA when trying to integrate a project, see animated GIF (below the video) for reference.

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