Work items showing in Basecamp as updated or completed by "me" or another person

Roadmap securely syncs with Basecamp through a single user's Basecamp credentials. This was done for simplicity / reliability purposes.

So when a Roadmap admin integrates Roadmap + Basecamp, this is a global change for their Roadmap account.  All changes in Roadmap will get "funneled" through this Basecamp user -- thus work items appear as changed or completed by that user in Basecamp. This has no affect on the task assignment.

Common Workaround

What has been helpful to some of our customers is to create a user in Basecamp named "PMO" or "Roadmap"; and set this as the Basecamp user that Roadmap syncs through.  This way, work items changed in Roadmap will be reflected as having been changed by "PMO" or "Roadmap" in Basecamp.

So let's say that you create a user named PMO in New Basecamp.  Now you'll want to do this:

  1. Go to and sign-out from your current session.
  2. In Roadmap, go to Settings > Basecamp Integration . You should see the link "Change" or "Use another Basecamp account". Click this.
  3. You will be asked to login to Basecamp. Login as the new PMO user that you recently created in Basecamp. Next, you'll be asked to allow access - go ahead and allow it.
  4. Now you'll be taken back to Roadmap. Click the button "Continue to Basecamp project selection..." in the lower-left. You can then "Save & Import" or "Save, but don't import now".

Just as a reminder, it's important for the Basecamp user that Roadmap syncs through to be highly privileged in Basecamp.  It should be granted to all projects that you want Roadmap to access - and it should have admin privileges in Basecamp or at least the privilege to create new projects.

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