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2. Import Data / 3rd Party App Integration

Import From Files (includes projects, time, resources, roles)
Roadmap API


Roadmap supports Basecamp, Basecamp Classic, or one of each account types simultaneously. Go to Connecting Applications > Basecamp after watching the tutorial below.

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Clean-up old Basecamp data

Important! Roadmap syncs with Basecamp through a single user's Basecamp credentials. This was done for simplicity / reliability purposes. Thus, changes that trigger a Basecamp email update -- like marking a to-do as complete -- are "funneled" through this single Basecamp user.

Integrate with GitHub

Go to Connecting Applications > GitHub after watching the tutorial below.

Integrate with JIRA

  1. Go to Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Install the add-on
  3. Follow the steps outline in JIRA add-on is installed, now what?

Import From Files

Step 1.Some prerequisites to run through before getting started:

  • You must be an admin to import time log files
  • File type must be .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX and not be password protected
  • If importing time data, time tracking must be enabled
  • Recommend Excel 2010 or higher (Windows) or Excel 2011 or higher (Mac)
  • Spreadsheet columns or fields (required in bold)
Projects Time Resources
Project Name
Project ID
Start Date
End Date
Project Status
Project Health
User Access Group
Project ID or Project Name
Resource ID or Resource Name
To-Do Item Name
Milestone Name
Resource Name or First Name + Last Name*
Resource ID

How to add individual users / resources

Role Name
Standard Rate***
Download sample Download sample**** Download sample
Do not use if integrating w/ 3rd party app
Download sample
* 2 separate columns
** Does not invite or automatically create new user
*** Do not include currency symbol
**** Sample file user "." as decimal separator. Be sure decimal separator matches account numeric display.

Step 2. Import the file.

  • Go to Import From Excel / CSV
  • Drag-and-drop file to the appropriate category, or click category name to open file selection dialog.
  • Confirm if your file has a header, as well as how many rows the header takes-up
  • Match or map columns to Roadmap fields
  • Click Import button to
  • System will display notification in the upper-right corner when import is complete. Click the notification to verify that all records were successfully imported.

Step 3. Correct failed records (if necessary).

  • If the "Records Failed" column is > 0, click on the name of the imported file
  • System will provide the row number and error details for each failed record
  • Correct the failed records
  • Important: Delete all successfully imported records BEFORE re-importing to avoid duplicate entries
  • Re-import the corrected file

Roadmap API

The API must be enabled to support the Basecamp and GitHub browser extensions, as well as the JIRA add-on. Go to Connecting Applications to enable it (documentation).

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