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Import new project roles from spreadsheet (Excel or CSV)

A fast way to create new project roles in bulk is to import from a spreadsheet.

Step 1 - Prerequisites

  • You must be an admin to import time log files
  • File type must be .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX and not be password protected
  • Recommend Excel 2010 or higher (Windows) or Excel 2011 or higher (Mac)
  • Spreadsheet columns or fields (required in bold):
    • Role Name
    • Standard Rate (hourly billing rate; do not include currency symbol)

Download sample file for demonstration purposes (i.e. not intended to be imported into your account).

Step 2 - Import File

  • Go to Import From Excel / CSV
  • Drag-and-drop file to pre-process. You can also click "Roles" to open file selection dialog.
  • Confirm if your file has a header, as well as how many rows the header takes-up
  • Match or map columns to Roadmap fields
  • Click Import button to
  • System will display notification in the upper-right corner when import is complete. Click the notification to verify that all records were successfully imported.

Step 3 - Correct Failed Records (if necessary)

  • If the "Records Failed" column is > 0, click on the name of the imported file
  • System will provide the row number and error details for each failed record
  • Correct the failed records
  • Important: Delete all successfully imported records BEFORE re-importing to avoid duplicate entries
  • Re-import the corrected file

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