Create new project in Roadmap and / or Basecamp

Create in Roadmap

Click the "+" in the upper-right corner (A) and choose New Project... to create a single project. Alternatively, you can also import new projects in bulk from a spreadsheet. To create a single project follow the steps below:

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Create in Basecamp + Roadmap Simultaneously

To create a project in Basecamp simultaneously your integration must be set to Continuous import & real-time export (E) and then select Create project in Basecamp (F).  If your Roadmap account is integrated with Basecamp Classic and Basecamp New you will also need to select which Basecamp version.
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Connect to - or Disconnect from - Basecamp

To connect a Roadmap-only project with Basecamp after-the-fact (assumes Roadmap is already integrated with Basecamp), go to the Project 360 page, click Project Settings (G), go to Basecamp, then click the button to connect or disconnect the project (H).


  • When connecting a project with Basecamp for the first time, and a project with the same name already exists in Basecamp, a new project with the same name will be created in Basecamp.  Roadmap will not overwrite the existing project.
  • If a project is disconnected from Basecamp and then later re-connected, Roadmap will "remember" the original Basecamp project ID and connect with that project.

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