Can't Move Project Start or End Dates on Gantt. Help!

Trying to shift an entire project or just the start or end dates, but the system is not letting you?  Here are the most common causes to troubleshoot:

Move or Shift Entire Project or Otherwise Make Any Changes

You cannot move or shift an entire project if:

  • Any completed work items (milestones or to-dos) exist.  This is done to maintain the integrity of the audit trail.  See below for example.
  • The project is Closed (i.e. project status = closed).  You can change the project status to Active to make changes.
  • You have read-only permissions on the project.
  • Schedule Audit is enabled, in which case the system will prompt you to enter a description or rationale for the change before making the change.
  • The project is synced with Basecamp and there is some Basecamp connectivity issue with this project.

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Move Project Start Date Forwards into the Future

You cannot move the start date into the future any further than the earliest start date of existing work items.  Think of the project as a "parent" container which can only be moved by it's "children".  Some examples:

  • Suppose the project start date is March 17 and the earliest work item has a start date of March 17.  You can drag the project start date no further than March 17.
  • Conversely, if you were to drag the to-do start date backwards (earlier in time) to March 16, that will automatically move the project start date to March 16.

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Move Project End Date Backwards in Time (i.e. earlier)

You cannot move the project end date any earlier than the end date of an existing work item.  Some examples:

  • Suppose the project end date is April 10 and the latest to-do ends on April 10.  You cannot drag the project end date any earlier.
  • Conversely, if you were to drag the to-do end date to April 9 that will allow you to drag the project end date back to April 9.

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