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Enter, edit & report on actual time


Time tracking must be turned-on (enabled). To turn enable, go to Settings > Features (must be an admin).


Odometer is a time tracking companion utility. Originally built as a proof-of-concept, Odometer is now available to all users. Time logged in Odometer is no different than time logged on other Roadmap pages. To use Odometer:

If you're not logged into Roadmap at the moment, when you visit Odometer you’ll get redirected to log-in. We've built Odometer around logging actual time spent (or using a timer) against existing work items or an overall project-level assignment.

Logging Time on Mobile Devices

Project 360 Page

Go to Project 360 > Work > Grid to enter time for a specific work item. Or go to Project 360 > Manage > Time to edit or delete an existing time entry, or to enter time against the overall project.

Resource 360 Page

Go to Resource 360 > Work Items and enter time for a specific work item or overall project level assignments. Or go to Resource 360 > Time to edit or delete an existing time entry, or search for the specific work item or project. Both pages support week-at-a-time or daily time entries.

Edit or Delete Time Entries

You can edit or delete time entries on the Project 360 or Resource 360 pages.

Time Reporting

Go to the Time Tab to run cross-portfolio time reports. Use filters to narrow by project, resource, reporting timeframe or any attributes. Easily export to Excel.

Timer - Desktop or Mobile

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