Duplicate Basecamp Projects (how to de-dupe)

Delete Duplicate Project
Save Time Entries From Duplicate Project

Important: If you’ve inadvertently logged time against the project that’s to be deleted, you’ll want to export those time entries BEFORE deleting it. See below for more info.

Find & Delete Duplicate Project

Numbers in parentheses () refer to screenshot below.

  • On the Projects Tab create a view with Project Name, Project ID, Last Sync, and Project Source columns.
  • Sort by Project Name (1) and scan the list to find duplicate project names. You can also filter the Project Name column for “contains” or “is equal to”.
  • If both projects are connected to Basecamp (4), delete the newer instance, which is the project with the higher Project ID number (2).
  • If one project is disconnected and the other connected to Basecamp, delete the disconnected project.
  • If both projects are disconnected, delete the instance with the earlier sync timestamp (3).

Save Time Entries From Duplicate Project

Export the time entries to Excel, making sure the timeframe goes back far enough to capture everything. See Import From Files support article for how to import time entries. Note, you may need to edit the exported Excel file column names to conform to the time import template.

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