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How Project Percent Complete is Calculated

There are many different variables that influence the calculation of "completion". Roadmap offers 3 automated calculations, in addition to manual tracking.

Go to Account Settings > Projects to choose among the 4 calculation methods.

Weighted Percent Complete Methods

  • Duration completed is based on elapsed forecasted time and does not take into consideration whether or not the work item is completed.  It is calculated at midnight.
  • Work completed is based on elapsed forecasted time for completed work items.  It is calculated in real-time.

Important Rules for Weighted Percent Complete Methods
  • Resource assignments are optional BUT estimates are required.
  • If no estimates exist, percent complete equals 0%. IF estimates exist, percent complete is based on work items with estimates. For example, if a project has 10 work items and only 1 work item has an estimate, percent complete is based on that 1 work item.
  • Overall project-level forecasting is always calculated using duration completed method.

Below are some examples to compare and contrast duration- and work-completed methods.

Simple Method

Simple looks at the number of completed milestones / to-dos vs. uncompleted.  For example, suppose you have 3 milestones and 7 to-dos for a total of 10 work items.  If 5 of work items are complete, the project is 50% complete.

Manual Method

Manual allows users to drag-and-drop the % complete on the Project 360 page (A) or from the Projects Tab > % Complete

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