Project groups

Project groups are a container for similar projects (e.g. program).

Create Project Group

There are two ways to create new project groups:

  • From the Dashboard tab click-and-hold a project then vertically drag it on top of another project (A).  You will then be prompted to give the project group a name.
  • Go to Settings > Projects > Project Groups (B)

Add to or Remove from Project Group in Bulk or Individually

To add a project to an existing project group:

  • To add or remove in bulk, from the Projects tab add Project Group column and edit one-by-one (C)
  • To add or remove individually,
    • From the Dashboard tab click-and-hold a project and vertically drag on top of an existing project group (D); or
    • Go to Project 360 > Project Settings (E) and select the project group (F)

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