Download the Gantt chart

The Gantt chart can be downloaded to an image PNG or PDF file.  What are the differences between PNG and PDF? Compare the two file formats using the same sample project.

PDF works well if the project can reasonably fit into a single page

PNG works well if the output is a web page, plotter, PPT, or you intend to zoom and crop

To download the Gantt in either PDF or PNG:

  • Individual projects go to the Project 360 > Gantt (A) and click the action menu and select either Download Gantt to PDF (beta) or Download Gantt to PNG
  • To download multiple projects go to the Dashboard tab (B) and select either the PDF or PNG option
  • The Download Gantt Chart dialog provides several customization options.  Selecting U.S. Letter or A4 output size includes the addition option of choosing the page orientation (C).

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