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Delete users & resources

Bulk Delete or Make Resource Not Assignable
Delete Single Resource
Downgrade User to Resource

  • The terms "resource" and "user" are often used interchangeably for convenience but there are technical differences:
    • Users and resources can be assigned to things, but . . . 
    • . . . only users can log into Roadmap
  • Users can be deleted, marked as not assignable, or downgraded to resources
  • When a user in the admin role is downgraded to a resource or deleted, any views/filters that they've published-out will be removed
  • All people imported from Basecamp start out as resources but can later be migrated upwards to Roadmap users

Bulk Delete or Make Resource Not Assignable

  • To delete multiple resources, go to the Resources Tab, open the action menu and select Bulk Delete Resources. Note, if a resource has any previous work history (e.g. completed to-dos, logged time) the system will automatically archive the resource for audit and reporting purposes (they can be unarchived if needed).
  • To mark resource as not assignable, on the Resources Tab -> Status column, and select Non-assignable.  Marking a resource as not assignable removes them from any drop-down menu.  For example, if you have an employee who is on maternity leave, or freelancer you hire periodically, you can mark them as not assignable today, and then mark them as assignable in the future.

Delete Single Resource

You can delete individual resources from the Resource 360 page by clicking the trash can icon.

Downgrade User to Resource

Downgrading a user to a resource preserves the ability to be assigned to things, but disables the ability to log into Roadmap.  To downgrade a user:

  • Go to Resources Tab > All Resources view
  • Click on color icon in Type column and select (D)
  • Select Downgrade to person with no login option (E)

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