Work item descriptions

Work Items refer to Events (A), Milestones (B) and To-Dos (C).

Work Items Specifications:

Work Item
Milestones represent major phases or key junctures of a project (e.g. client sign-off, code complete)
  • Responsible party (resource)
  • Due date
  • Complete or incomplete
  • Start date
  • Multiple resources
  • Estimated effort (per resource)
  • Contain one or more related to-do lists
To-dos are where the work gets done (i.e. individual deliverables)
  • Must be contained in a to-do list
  • Complete or incomplete
  • Start / due dates
  • Responsible party
  • Estimated effort
Events represent meetings, travel, offsites, etc
  • Date (if one day)
  • Start time (e.g. 10:30)
  • Start / due dates (if multiple days)

Roadmap's work item hierarchy looks like this:

  • Project
    • Milestone
      • To-Do List*
        • To-Do Item
    • To-Do List*
      • To-Do Item
    • Event

* To-Do Lists can be related to a milestone or "float" by themselves.

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