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Using iCalendar with Roadmap

iCalendar is an industry standard which, among other things, allows Roadmap work items -- milestones and to-dos -- to be displayed on your desktop or web calendar such as Microsoft Outlook (2007 or later), Apple Calendar (formerly Apple iCal), Google Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

1. How Do I Start?

  • Go to the Project 360 page for any project and scroll down to the bottom-left and click the Subscribe to iCalendar link.
  • Decide if you only want to subscribe to this project (A) or all projects (B) that you have access to in Roadmap.

2. What Are My Display Options?

  • If you use start dates for to-dos and want them to appear with duration in your calendar (C) subscribe to This project or All projects.
  • If you use start dates for to-dos but do not want them to appear with duration (D) subscribe to This project but ignore to-do start dates or All projects but ignore to-do start dates.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want to subscribe to some but not all projects. Each project will appear as a different calendar on your desktop / web calendar.

3. How Do I Subscribe to Google Calendar?

  • From the Subscribe to iCalendar pop-up dialogue right-click the preferred the subscription method (E) and copy the URL.
  • In Google Calendar click-to-expand the Other calendars menu (F) and select Add by URL (G).
  • Paste the URL (H) and click Add Calendar button.


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