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Customize your project portfolio by editing or creating project status + project health combinations.  Some definitions to help keep things straight:

  • Project status is the top-level description that indicates whether the project is active, on hold, (planned for the) future, or closed.
  • Project health is a subset of project status.  For example, a future project could have a health of approved, not approved, speculative, etc.

Project status and project health do not automatically change when the circumstances of your project change.  They must be manually changed by a user.  Future enhancement: Customizable triggers to automatically change project status and/or health, as well as email notifications of the change.

Important: The ability to edit or create new status + health combinations is only available to Plus or Pro subscription plans.

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Go to Settings > Projects > Project Status + Health. For each project status, you can create as many health categories (A) as you'd like, as well as assign a color (B).  The colors are displayed on Gantt charts, Projects tab, and the Project 360 page.  You have the option to allow users to overwrite the assigned Gantt chart color (C).  Allowing users to overwrite the color is limited to just the Gantt chart color.

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Exclude Resource Assignments

When editing or creating a new status + health combination, you have the option to exclude resource assignments from resource forecasting calculations and the Resource 360 page (A).  This may be useful if you are constructing a project that has not yet been approved.

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Previous or Trailing Health Column

Track the previous or trailing project health from the Projects tab.  Manage project status (A) separately from the current project health (B).  The previous project health column (C) displays the most recent or trailing health.  Expanding the project row displays the date of the last change, as well as the number of days since that change (D).

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Mapping to Basecamp

Roadmap supports some project statuses above and beyond what is available from Basecamp.  Here is how the mapping works:

  • Basecamp (new) only supports Active or Archived (closed).  Roadmap statuses of On Hold or Future map to Active.
  • Basecamp Classic supports Active, On Hold, and Archived (closed).  Future projects in Roadmap map to Active.
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